When two worlds collide can these characters face their fears and realize they have all the magic they already need inside of them?


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What’s in the box?

About the Book

Welcome to the Breathe Mystery Book Box! The box contains a thrilling novel that blends fantasy and reality in a unique and captivating way. Two worlds collide but will fear keep these characters from reaching their fullest potential?

About the Box

In addition to the book, this box is put together with items that help you connect with your inner self. We’ve included everything you need to tap into your hidden potential, from affirmation cards to custom crystal tumble bundles. All of this will help you realize that all the magic you need is inside of you.

With every box, you’ll receive:

  • One Fluorite crystal
  • A crystal tumble bundle themed to the book
  • Palo santo cleansing stick to cleanse your space and enhance your spiritual practice. 
  • Two premium blends of loose-leaf tea
  • A set of 3 magnetic bookmarks
  • About the Author Postcard
  • Info card explaining the crystal meanings and box items
  • A hand-crafted book sleeve to keep your book protected as it travels to its new home.
  • A random assortment of stickers

But that’s not all! This box also includes three themed items. This may include items such as candles, essential oils, journals, ritual tools, tarot/oracle cards, crystal grids, 3D printed items, and more. Each item is carefully curated to enhance your reading experience and transport you to the world of the mystery book.

The full box retail value is $125

About the Items

As a small business, we are committed to supporting other small and independently owned businesses. The items in our mystery book boxes will mostly come from these businesses and are full-sized, high-quality, and unique items you won’t find in big box stores. We aim to provide you with a unique experience highlighting the wonderful work these small businesses are putting into their products. Just like indie authors, these small businesses deserve to be recognized and appreciated.

  • Come-To-Life Characters
  • Multiple POV
  • Friends-To-Lovers
  • Badass FMC
  • Action-Packed
  • Fantasy Conventions

  • Fantasy violence
  • Blood
  • Mention of loss of a parent