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Rather than focusing on creating special editions and character art, we are putting our focus on bringing elements from the stories to life. A lot of fantasy stories integrate divination tools such as runes, tarot cards, spell work, moon ceremonies, crystals and more. We aim to bring these elements into our boxes to create a more interactive experience.
You will receive a mystery book written by an indie/self-published author.

Every box will come with a Fluorite crystal, palo santo cleansing stick, premium blends of loose leaf tea, Fluorite & Fantasies branded bookmarks, a postcard with more information about the author of your mystery book, and a branded book sleeve to help keep your book protected as it travels to its new home.

Each box will also include a custom crystal tumble bundle, and 3-5 items all themed around the book. This may include items such as candles, essential oils, journals, ritual tools, tarot/oracle cards, 3D printed items and more!

Independent authors are often overlooked in many areas, so we aim to showcase these incredibly talented writers who have not received the recognition they deserve. We want to offer books that are not seen all over social media and on bookstore shelves but they should be.
All the products in our mystery boxes are full size.
When reading books for consideration we keep a couple things in mind:
  1. We look at the overall story and editing of the book.
  2. Are there elements within the story that we can pull inspiration from.  Some books have great stories but just don’t have the magical/divination elements that we use in our boxes.
  3. How does the story resonate with our brand.
If you received a damaged item in your box, please contact our customer support team at Please include a photo of the damaged item.
We plan to do a new shop drop every other month.
We are aiming to have up to 10 authors in each round of mystery boxes.
We will offer 10 boxes per author/book chosen.
You can submit your book by sending an email to Include your book title, your full author/pen name, and whether your book is Adult, YA, NA etc.. You may also include any other information you would like us to know about your book.
We would love to hear about your small business! Send us an email at and tell us about your product.


All prices are in USD.
Yes you can! On checkout select the "Checkout with PayPal" button.
Currently we will only be shipping to the US and Canada but are working to offer international shipping soon! Please note that with international orders other taxes and border/customs fees may apply.
If you received a damaged item in your box, please contact our customer support team at Please include a photo of the damaged item if possible.
In the rare instance where you never received your package, you’ll have to submit a missing mail request with UPS, followed by filing a claim and asking for a refund. Fluorite & Fantasies cannot reship packages marked as ‘delivered’ as our agreement ends at shipping the package to you with tracking info. The UPS then enters an agreement with the customer to deliver the goods, so Fluorite & Fantasies cannot submit info on the customer’s behalf.
All of our boxes are hand packed by either Amanda or Momma Tina. We will reuse shipping materials we have received from other packages we have received to reduce waste before adding in new materials. All items are packaged with care and we do our best to ensure that all items arrive at their new home safely.


No, you can choose to check out as a guest if you prefer.
If you are already signed in and wish to change your password, you can do so through the ‘Account Details’ tab. If you cannot remember your password, follow the instructions on the login page to have a reset email sent to you. If you are still having issues, send us an email at
We rarely have issues with our products or boxes but when we do we always work hard to resolve any issues that come up. All of our products and box orders are final sale, and not available for returns or refunds. Please contact with any questions.
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