About Fluorite & Fantasies

At Fluorite & Fantasies, we’re on a quest to bring magic, mystery, and fantasy to your reading world. As passionate supporters of independent authors and small businesses, our mission is twofold: to transport you to enchanting realms through carefully curated mystery book boxes and to empower talented creators. Our journey is fueled by a community of fantasy book lovers and writers, where words are spells and stories are treasures. Join us on this fantastical adventure where fantasy, magic, and mystery unite!

Fluorite & Fantasies is a product of a mother-daughter team that shared a love for reading fantasy stories and the metaphysical world. We cherish the element of surprise and wonder, which is why we chose to bring our passions together in the form of mystery book boxes.

Meet Tina, she is a true bibliophile at heart. With a lifelong passion for reading and a deep affection for crystals, Tina, along with her daughter Amanda, embarked on an extraordinary journey to bring their dreams to life. Tina goes above and beyond to handpick a diverse collection of fantasy books that caters to all interests.

Her passion for crystals and the metaphysical world is equally evident in the carefully selected gemstones and crystals that adorn her shelves. With her knowledge and appreciation for their healing properties, Tina handpicks crystals and other metaphysical items to match each book’s theme. Tina’s dream of sharing her love for reading and crystals with the world is coming true.

Meet Amanda, she wears multiple hats when it comes to running Fluorite & Fantasies with her mom. With a love for fantasy books, crystals and mystery boxes, she has combined her passions to help create the small business of their dreams. With a background in marketing and design, she weaves her artistic flair into every aspect of their business.

Amanda has a deep understanding of fantasy themes that allow her to curate a magical shopping experience for her customers, transporting them to otherworldly realms. Amanda hopes that Fluorite & Fantasies isn’t seen as just a business but a haven for fellow fantasy enthusiasts seeking to explore the mystical world of crystals and imagination. Step into her world, and you’ll be swept away on an enchanting journey of fantasy and magic.
Meet Bishop and Rook. These two adorable office doodles form an essential part of the shop’s charm and character. They are not just loyal companions to their mom and nana but bring joy and energy to their daily routines.

Bishop is always there to offer a warm paw of comfort and a wagging tail. Rook is mischievous and clever and adds a touch of playfulness. They are always there when you need them… like literally, they never leave their mom’s side. haha Together, they make a perfect addition to the Fluorite & Fantasies team.